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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tips to Choose The Best Villa in Seminyak Bali

Seek the help of an agent

In case it is the first time you are going to rent a villa, you should seek the help of a professional booking agent. He will be able to show you the list of finest villas available in Seminyak, Bali. As booking agents are known to some of the best rental property managers around the area, that will save your effort to find one plus you will be able to manage vehicle renting, tour, restaurant and sightseeing with the help of a booking agent. For a hassle free renting and to make your vacation joyful you need to ask your agent to provide you the villa that is located in a convenient place.

Budget Factor

You should go for the luxury villa that suits your budget. List your requirements that you will need while in your vacation and choose the villa according to it comparing the price. The more services you want, the more you have to pay. If you need all the amenities to enjoy your vacation without limits, then rent a high-end luxury villa that will be able to give the most exotic experience of vacationing. Following are the features you should look in a villa.

  • Volume of bedrooms
  • Kind of beds (twin furniture, king-size beds, and so forth.)
  • W-fi network
  • Cable television
  • Kitchen (number and appliances in the kitchen area)
  • Bathroom (number of walk-in showers, variety of tubs, etc.)
  • View
  • Additional characteristics like a LCD TV fixed

Villa Structure

Size and structure of a villa you should hire depends on the people you are going with. If you are going with your mate for honeymoon, you will need room with double bed. In case you are going with a group of people you need rooms that are inter connected and having king size beds.

Long Cove Marina Resort

Hustle and bustle of daily life creates the need for finding a place which can provide solace and peace of mind. Resorts offer this option to the people. Visitors can spend time with their family and friends at the resorts and relax. Long cove marina resort is one such resort which offers relaxation to the visitors from the hustle and bustle of their daily life. Equipped with the latest amenities, this resort is a perfect place for the visitors to relax and celebrate. It is a perfect place for both Party lovers and adventure seekers.

This resort is one of the best resorts in charlotte NC. It has a rolling hills, wooded grounds, private beach, boat slips, and bath house swimming pool, fishing docks, Free WiFi, BBQ pits, lake and many more amenities for making the trip of a visitor memorable and unique. The experience of watching sunset at the resort is unique and famous amongst the visitors. It is because of these features that this resort offers an exotic experience to the visitors. It is a unique combination of natural endowments and the modern facilities and creates unique experience for the visitors.

Long cove marina resort is a place where one can organize birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, corporate functions and many other events. There are a number of ultimate activities which this resort offers to the visitors. It is a perfect place for the people looking out for a leisure holiday which is full with fun and excitement. When you are at this resort you realise how your dreams are coming true. The experience at the beach, on the lake and the sunset together makes your trip absolute fun. Once you visit this place you will never forget these memories.

Holiday at this resort is an ultimate experience at a reasonable price. People can take membership of the resort and can get a number of benefits. Activities at this resort are a perfect mix of the thrill and entertainment. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the resort and at the same time they can participate in the lake events which take place there. They can do a number of things at this place and that too at an affordable price. If you are residing at a place near this resort, then you should not hesitate in making a decision to consider this place as a destination for your next holidays.

The Benefits Holidays with Family in Lakeside Resorts at Off Season

1. Discounts on the daily lift tickets

You can get up to 30% discount on the lift tickets. This may not be available during the peak season. In such a scenario where you are accompanied by the family members this discount set off is very profitable considering the luxurious treat you will experience at these resorts.

2. Discount on food and beverages bought in the resort

The food sold on the resort are at discounted prices. One will get quality food at affordable prices as compared to other peak seasons. What a better way to save money!

3. Advantage of a less crowd in the river side

During off season there are usually less people in the river side. You and your family or friends will therefore have enough space to take photos as well as do family talks without getting lost in the crowd.

4. Free and unlimited access

Your family will get more free access to the river banks. This access will not be limited as there are not many people in the resort who need to access the places. The resort therefore allows you free access to superior facilities as the premises are not busy.

5. Subsidised accommodation cost

The cost of accessing accommodation and other necessities will be lower during the off season as compared to the peak seasons. This will give a big saving to the spenders.

6. Access to quality boats

The houseboats will not have a high demand during this season and hence one will easily access a quality boat without any problem.

7. Good services

You and your family will receive quality services from the resort. This is because there are not many people in the resort to be served hence the waiters’ attention will be on them fully. Your family will also be able to sample out the various types of services offered as they are in plenty. These resorts have employed qualified personnel and have splendid facilities as well. As a result, you will receive top notch services from them.

8. Spectacular outer view

In these luxurious establishments, you’ll find terraces and balconies to give you amazing views of the outer physical glamour. Whether you go to the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, you will enjoy the exterior scenery and take many photos to post on social media.

9. Safe haven

Just because it is the off season, it doesn’t mean the security at these resorts is compromised. The security personnel here are still on duty to ensure your safety and that of your family is taken care of. This will give you peace of mind as you enjoy your stay in the classy apartments.

10. Car safety

At off season, these resorts are obviously less crowded and that means more safety for your car. You won’t worry about your car getting hit by other vehicles in the parking lot because chances are the number of vehicles around the place is small. This means no congestion as well.

Entice customers at Holiday Beach Resort Goa

Hotels that offer added facilities for holding private functions or hosting events can always bring more business their way. After all Goa is a hot destination for all kinds of activities such as conferences, meetings, product launches, get-togethers, social dos, marriages, and other types of celebrations. People locally and from nearby places come here for organizing events and look for resorts capable of providing the right infrastructure they desire.

Who are your most important customers? Identify them to retain these high paying guests. Studies show that only 20% customers in a hotel account for 80% of the revenue generated! This generally happens when one has a constant relationship with corporate houses or travel agencies that bring regular business their way. If this is the case then naturally the marketing campaigns of holiday beach resort Goa take stock of this fact and target these clients above everyone else.

Also, establishments that have satisfied customers before, never fail to use them for further references and additional business. A person satisfied with the services of a hotel is sure to recommend it to others. This is what the hospitality establishments target for attracting the maximum number of people in a highly competitive environment such as the Goa tourism scenario. Many hotels offer discounts on referrals as a part of their marketing campaign. Other incentives may include gift cards, free dinner, complimentary bottle of wine, and more.

Discounts to customers are also available on extended stays to make their sojourn as special and pocket friendly as possible at the resorts near Baga Beach. Many a times, at popular destinations such as this, travelers may think of staying for some more days, attracted by the lucrative discounts. For example, an offer of 50% off on third night may just convince the guests to remain one more day.